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~Alcoa Family Chiropractic & Wellness cares for more than just your spine~

Dr. Matt is educated and trained in many areas of health and wellness - from sports medicine to nutritional counseling, Pregnancy Chiropractic to pediatric health, Chiropractic can provide healing solutions for a wide range of conditions and injuries.

Pregnancy Chiropractic

Dr. Matt is well versed and trained in the treatment of pregnancy patients. His unique, soft, and gentle treatments alleviate lower back pain, hip pain, headaches, and acid reflux associated with pregnancy. Chiropractic can also reduce morning sickness and, using the Webster technique, assist turning breech babies. We also have a Massage Therapist who offers relaxing Pregnancy Massage to help alleviate some of the stress your pregnancy puts on your body.  

Pediatric Chiropractic

When it comes to our pediatric patients, we offer relief from earaches, ear infections, colic, acid reflux, torticollis, and other ailments. We can see your babies from the day they are born and through all the busy stages of their life. Depending on their needs, and size, there are different ways to adjust children - in fact, you can hold your child while Dr. Matt adjusts him or her so that you and your child are as comfortable as possible. 

Sports Medicine

Get back in the game with our sports medicine services. Our sports physical examination involves a review of your musculoskeletal, orthopedic, and neurological systems. Benefits include reduction of injuries and improved balance, performance, biomechanics, reaction, and coordination

Nutrition Counseling

Expedite your healing process with nutritional counseling. Supplementary nutrition can help reduce symptoms of fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease, thyroid conditions, and many other ailments. Dr. Matt can test you to find the exact supplements your body needs. We utilize the Standard Process Protocol testing, and use both Standard Process and Nutri-West Supplements. 

Ion Detox Foot Spa

Modern life is full of the air we breath and the food we eat, not to mention unhealthy life-style choices. Even if we eat a healthy diet, take vitamins, and exercise regularly, we are still exposed to air pollutants and contaminants in the food supply. We offer a detoxification solution using a technology that is non-invasive, safe, fast, and convenient. The Ion Detox Foot Spa pulls toxins out of your system and restores your body to optimal health.

Zerona Fat Loss Laser

If you've tried diet and exercise but still have fat inches you just can't lose, it's time for Zerona. Zerona targets your stubborn fat areas and painlessly emulsifies that fat under your skin in as few as 6, 40 minute treatments. Unlike minimally invasive or traditional liposuction, Zerona allows you to continue your daily activities without any interruption. We run specials all the time - please email Sarah at [email protected] for current specials. 


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